Director's Message

Welome to the Laboratory for Intelligent Perceptual Systems (LIPS). This web-site is purposed with disseminating to the public information about our research programs. Whether you are a student, faculty, hobbyist, or aspiring scientist, we hope that you find information of value as you explore our available resources.


Directed by Dr. Gary Holness, LIPS is a new research laboratory and group within the Department of Computer and Information Sciences at Delaware State University. We consist of a mixture of graduate, undergraduate, faculty and staff working on current and future collaborations from the Department of Computer and Information Sciences, Applied Mathematics, Nursing, Movement Science, and Physics. The primary research focus of LIPS concerns the investigation, design, and algorithmic realization of models that endow computing machines and systems with the ability to sense, interpret, and act upon the content of their environment. We study and make use of tools across broad disciplines of Machine Learning, Robotics, Distributed Systems, Statistics, Software Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Human Computer Intefaces.

Our Mission

Consistent with the mission of Delaware State University and the Department of Computer and Information Sciences, LIPS is focused on benefiting the State of Delaware, Mid-Atlantic Region, and the nation, through research and research training in areas of high societal need. In doing so, we hope to advance state of the art in Computer Science research, grow the local technology enconomy, and positively impact society. Our efforts are focused on research, development of intellectual property, mentoring/training of students (graduate and undergraduate) as well serving as an educational resource to the general community. LIPS fosters an environment that encourages innovation, creativity, maximization of potential, and leadership among students and collaborators.

A Special Appeal (8/14/2015)

One of our lab members, Ms. Tuba Abbasi, has suffered a family tragedy! As lab director, I make a special appeal to you, a member of the community of visitors to this page. Would you thoughtfully consider making a contribution to help Tuba's family by helping the rock of her family, her father, in the fight for his life against cancer. On behalf of the Laboratory for Intelligent Perceptual Systems, $1, $5, or any amount is greatly appreciated!

The fundraising campaign can be found on the family's Go Fund Me page

I thank you for your kindness, Dr. Gary Holness