Faculty and Staff

Dr. Gary Holness, director (Computer Science)

Dr. David Pokrajac, collaborator (Computer Science)

Dr. Tomasz Smolinski, collaborator (Computer Science)

Dr. JinJie Liu, collaborator (Mathematical Sciences)

Dr. Sokratis Makrogiannis, collaborator (Mathematical Sciences)

Dr. Gour Pati, collaborator (Physics/Optics)

Dr. Hacene Boukari, collaborator (Physics/Optics)

Mr. Andrew Hobbs, lab coordinator (CIS)

Current Students

Mr. Piyush Sharma (PhD candidate DSU Applied Math, Summer 2013 - pres): Data-mining of Optical Data

Mr. Rexford Aboagye (MS Student DSU Computer Science, Fall 2014 - pres): GPU Machine Learning Cloud

Ms. Janelle Boyd (BS student DSU Computer Science, Spring 2014 - pres): A Framework for Perceptual Processing in Autonomous Robot Wheelchairs

Mr. Deshaun Crawford (BS student DSU Computer Science, Fall 2014 - pres): Terrain Classification using 3D Cameras

Ms. Michaela Barnett(BS student DSU Computer Science, Spring 2015 - pres): Face Perception and tracking

Ms. Tuba Abbasi (BS student DSU Computer Science, Spring 2015 - pres): Robot Interation for Autism Therapy

Former Students

Mr. Sean Guy (Senior Capstone- Using Profile View Information to Improve Face Recognition), post DSU: Sr. Java Developer, US DOJ

Mr. Richie Cyrus (Senior Capstone- Python Interface for Distributed Robot Control), post DSU: Security Engineer, USDA

Ms. Elisandra Diaz (Senior Capstone- Robotics for Autism Therapy), post DSU: Cybersecurity and Privacy Consultant, DC Metro Area

Ms. Samantha McDaniel (Senior Capsone- Tweet Bot: A Natural Language Interface for Robot Interaction), post DSU: Technical Support Representative,

Ms. Hannah Adewumi (Senior Capstone- Robotics In Interior Design), post DSU: web-development, Colorado

Mr. Ceandre Gosa (Senior Capstone- Resource Constraints in Ad-Hoc Mesh Networks), post DSU: IT Technician DRBA

Mr. Jaron Foster (Senior Capstone- Classification of Musing from Content), post DSU: Analyst/App Development, Large Investment Firm

Mr. Trevor Newell (Senior Capstone- Framework for Skill Reuse), post DSU: Analyst/BackEnd Infrastructure Development, Large Investment Firm

Mr. Kenneth Shim (Senior Capstone- Application of Autonomous Robotic Exploration and Mapping in Interior Design), post DSU: M.S. in CS program at DSU

Ms. Priscilla Wilson (Senior Capstone- Visualizing Network Data, post DSU: current student

Mr. Tevin Brown (undergrad DSU CIS, Spring 2013, Summer 2013 - Spring 2015): Data-mining of Optical Data

Mr. Gabriel Calderon (undergrad UPR, Summer 2013): Data Processing and Robot Control

Mr. Leon Hunter (undergrad DSU CIS, Summer 2013 - Spring 2014): Intelligent Medical Monitoring

Outside Collaborators

We welcome hobbyists, members of the community, and open source participants who like to tinker and are interested in making contributions to software projects.